Pollution waste generated business called essay

Hazard load is a negative change in the environment as a result of its defilement, which entailed the degradation of natural ecological systems and depletion of natural resources.

 Defilement path includes the ways of contamination of the environment. Since defilement factors can be associated with both natural processes and human activities, all defilement sources are divided into natural and man-made (anthropogenic) sources. The first includes natural pollutants of mineral, plant or microbiological origin, entering the atmosphere as a result of volcanic eruptions of volcanoes, forest fires. In addition, natural air pollutants are dust formed as a result of the destruction of rocks, pollen of plants etc. Artificial (anthropogenic) factors of air defilement are divided into transport (formed by the operation of cars, trains, air, sea, and river transport); production (emissions resulting from technological processes); household (produced by burning fuel for heating and cooking, as well as for the processing of domestic waste).

Toxin trial is a study of the substance for the presence of harmful elements. Toxicity is the ability of a substance to cause disturbances in the physiological functions of the body, resulting in symptoms of intoxication (disease), and in severe lesions, its death. The degree of toxicity of a substance is characterized by the magnitude of the toxic dose-the amount of the substance (referred, as a rule, to the unit mass of the animal or human) that causes a certain effect. The smaller the dose, the higher the toxicity is.

Business defilement is industrial defilement of the environment. Sources of defilement are factories, electric and hydroelectric power stations, boiler and transformer substations, gas stations, warehouses for storage and processing of products. All industrial facilities carry out defilement by various methods and substances.

Waste Stream. The waste itself during the processing behaves in an unusual way because it contains too many different objects and it does not retain any of the characteristics of the raw materials. It has a natural slope angle of 90 ° or more, and although this in itself is a positive factor and can favorably affect the storage of waste in the form of pyramids, there are many problems when moving a sufficiently large mass of waste. Any obstacle to the stream of waste leads to the curvature of this flow and the creation of congestion. The processing systems must be designed in such a way that direct or free movement of the waste stream is ensured.

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