Macro filters

The essence of the macro photography is reduced to the capabilities of the optical system.

Famous macro photographers state that the most important characteristic is the possibility to get the largest possible projection of the object on the camera sensor. This is achieved through a large focal length and a short focusing distance.

Advantages and disadvantages of using various tools in macro photography

  • Turning (reversible) ring. This is an inexpensive and easy-to-use device that allows you to work in macro mode. Before starting work it should be wound in place of the light filter and attach the lens to the carcass with the underside. Advantages are low price, compactness and the fact that it does not degrade image quality. As for the disadvantages, you can not change the macro scale, automatic functions do not work;
  • A set of extension rings. Advantages: image quality does not deteriorate, automatic camera functions continue to work. Cons: decreases the aperture of the lens, to change the scale it is necessary to shoot the lens, high cost;
  • A set of lenses for macro photography. Lenses are screwed onto the thread of the macro filter, and therefore there is no need to remove the lens. Advantages: no loss of light, compactness, low price, automatic functions, can be used with a removable lens. Minuses: image quality deteriorates, especially when using cheap lenses. In any case, macro filters are better to use than a macro lens.

 How to use macro filters

The “blurred” background is an ideal option for macro images; try to emphasize the abstractness of the story in this way if the image of the object is interesting in itself, in isolation from reality. A miniature object with a large magnification on a blurry background looks impressive. To enhance the effect, you can zoom in on the subject with a long focus lens or zoom – the depth of field will be literally reduced to a minimum. In this case, you can take a picture of an insect without fear of frightening it away. Some scenes, on the contrary, look good in black and white, when the focus is on the form, tonality, texture. Thus, answering a question what is a disadvantage of using a macro filter, it should be said that it can spoil any photo in the hands of a layman, but gives ample opportunities in the hands of the craftsman.

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