History of Psychology

History of Psychology
What does the years 1632 and 1798 have to do with the history of psychology These were the years that John Locke and Auguste Comte were born. This paper will take you on a journey through the lives and theories that these two great men have contributed to the world of psychology. (Customize your essay) First, we will look at John Locke, famous philosopher and discuss his beliefs and disbeliefs. Second, we will adventure into the world of the famous scientist Auguste Comte, ???who when he learned he was dying, said that his death would be an irreparable loss to the world??? (Schultz, D., & Schultz, S., 2008, 2007, p.37). What do you suppose Comte meant by that statement Did he mean that with his death that his belief of human knowledge would die with him One thing that is for sure is that these great men have laid a solid foundation that continues to educate people in the world of psychology some three hundred years later.
Locke??™s famous contribution to the world of psychology was an essay which was consistent of facts that he had gathered over his twenty years of studying. The name of the essay was ???An Essay Concerning Human Understanding 1690, ???(Schultz, D., & Schultz, S., 2008, 2007, p.39), this essay would mark the official start of ???British Empiricism??? (Schultz, D., & Schultz, S., 2008, 2007 p.39). What was so remarkable about this essay was that by the year 1700, this essay consisted of ???four editions and was translated into French and Latin??? (Schultz, D., & Schultz, S., 2008, 2007, p. 39).
The funny thing about Comte was that the only adequate form of income came in 1832 when he took a job as a lecturer at Polytechnique, and then as an examiner in 1837. Imagine all those years in between without really making a lot of money if any at all. It was recorded that he was scheduled for 72 speaking lectures with quest from really upbeat back rounds schedule to listen to him and he only talked at three, and then tried to end his life. Some said that he was never right in the head after that moment, although he did get better, he continued on with lots of mental health issues.
In conclusion as we journeyed through the life of both of these great men no one can dispute the fact that they have left a great legacy. Even though science and philosophy has advanced in theory over time, but what theories are we really advancing on Today do we not believe what John Locke believed, that it is everyone??™s right to own private property Everyone has a right to have life and liberty, these beliefs were taught and acted upon how many years ago and we still continue to practice and advance on them some 300 years later. Looking at Auguste Comte what did he leave behind Well he left his theory on science and how facts make up the wonderful world of science, and how one learns only by observing and providing information solely on facts instead of myths. I guess when he stated that ???when he dies his death would be an irreparable loss to the world??? (Schultz, D., & Schultz, S., 2008, 2007, p.37) he really was saying that people will utter his name forever, and that his thoughts and beliefs would live on forever.
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