History of Minority Population in the Child Welfare System

History of minority population in the child welfare system
Antonio Sanchez
October 9, 2011
Partica Robinson

History of minority population in the child welfare systemBecerra, Rosina, M., Ward Thomas, and Paul M. Ong, (2001).,”Latino and African American Non-Custodial Fathers: Perceptions of Fatherhood and Child Support.” Latino and African American Noncustodial Fathers: Perception of Fatherhood and Child Support. 10.3 (2001): 3-30. Retrieved on Wed. 9, October, 2011. Retrieved from school library .This article is on Latino and African American fathers who struggle to pay child support because of aquiring little or no education. Low wage jobs, or having other families to support. Most noncustodial parents still pay child support even though the custodial parent receives welfare and other government help. Studies show that Latino and African American fathers grew up in poverty, low income circumstances, and gang related involvement. Some came from abusive households and did not have a father and were raised by his/her mother. In an interview with Latino and African fathers they say that even though they did not have a good relationship with their own fathers and came from poverty and hard times, they want more for their children. They might not have the money to go out and do things but they at least spend time with the kids like going to parks, talking, or just watching a movie. Lundgren,M.L, Peloquin,D.S, and Schilling,F. R., (2005), Evidence-Based Drug Treatment Practice and the Cgild Welfare System: The Example of Methadone. Source Social Work, 50.1, Pg.53. , Retrieved on October 9, 2011, from http://search.ProQuest.com.This article states that Methadone is a medication used in many ways from pain to drug addiction such as cocain or even heroin. However the drug methadone can somehow be mistaken for heroin because of its chemical composure. Parents who are addicted with narcotic women who are on narcotics can lose her way from the norms. She can get to the point where she spends money needed for bills or even the rent. Child welfare has also found many children neglected or abused. Many women are offered treatment but will not go due to fear of having their children put in foster care. With the opportunity to get treatment some of the models are geared toward men. Social workers reviewed ways to focus on a way to better provide a better service and the understanding that social works need to become better educated and much more advanced in the field of child welfare. Hancock, T. U. (2005). Cultural competence in the assessment of poor mexican families in the rural southeastern united states. Child Welfare, 84(5), 689-689-711. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/213809027accountid=35812
This article is about Latinos migrating to the Southeastern part of the United States. Many such immigrants come from part of Mexico that are agrarian communities. With very little Latinos able to speak English, fitting in with the local communities is that much harder for hem. Many of the immigrants tend to become depressed due to the transition and cultural shock that takes place during their journey to settle into the United States. The transition can be somewhat hard, especially when the locals are opposed.

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